Introduction to our research

With the introduction of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and advancement in computing, industries are transitioning into their fourth major revolution called Industry 4.0. Smart Manufacturing is an integrated approach to manufacturing that can combine all elements of the process, from product demand to supply chain to the factory floor. Davis et al. describe smart manufacturing as "the dramatically intensified and pervasive application of networked information-based technologies throughout the manufacturing and supply chain enterprise".

Current Projects

Condition Monitoring of Manufacturing Machines

AI for industries, an effort to develop robust models to monitor the condition of manufacturing machines

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Wireless Sensor Development

Developing wireless DAQ system for condition monitoring, human activity recognition and workplace ergonomics

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Intelligent Assembly Monitoring

Monitoring human-centric assembly operations in real-time using Deep learning.

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Energy Monitoring

AI to detect anomalies and optimize energy consumption of manufacturing operations, in an effort towards Green Manufacturing

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